The Dog or The Cat?

13 de out de 2011

It’s raining. Suppose you are coming home at 4am after a dinner. Just so you think about the nice outfit you are wearing, pretend you are coming from a dinner with the president! When you are in the corner of your street the dog listens and recognizes the noisy engine of your car. Even walking, the dog would recognize your scent, and how you walk. Think about this: Between hundreds of cars, the dog recognizes you. Between thousand people, the dog recognizes how you walk.

So you are home at 4am and the dog leaves its warm and cozy house in the rain, in the cold, just to meet you. He is so freaking happy to see you that he even forgets it’s raining and steps in the mud, so there he comes running towards you! You look at him, look at your clothes, look at him again and you shout angrily - GET OUT!!!! GO AWAY!!!!

Now, forget the dog for a little bit and think about the cat. Its 4am, rainy and cold. Just think for a second about the cat’s attitude. Do you really think the cat will wake up to receive you, or to even take a pick at the window to see you? Do you think the cat is even worried if it is you or a thief? The cat couldn’t care less; moreover the cat can barely wake up. Oh well, he wakes up with you yelling at your dog to get out. Do you know why? Because the dog persists, he doesn't give up.
He comes at least four times even with you screaming at him. He tries everything possible to please you. You kick the dog out couple of times and he finally goes sadly back to his lonely, sad little house.

Two minutes after it, you call the dog and there he comes excited as never before to play with you. This is what we need to learn. Forgive and celebrates. Because it’ll be days where you go to work at 4am, in the rain, work your best out and someone will just not care and be mean to you. There’ll be days that you’ll do your best to win your customer and the customer will be rude to you. What you do then? Think about your dog - Forgive and get over it.
So if you can be intelligent and astute as the cat and motivated as the dog my friend, nobody will be ever able to hold you back. Yet, if you are not very intelligent, its ok. Look forward to be at least motivated.

I would like to suggest you someone who is a fantastic model of leadership and example. I don’t want to speak about the religious area just because it’s not necessary in our context here, I want to speak about him as a human, as a man. So If you want be an extraordinary employee and a leader you should then learn it from this man:

 - He received a mission from his boss, his father and he accomplished to the very end;

 - He didn’t want to first find out if it was hard or easy, he accomplished it any way;

 - He hired 12 employees without any skills or talent and made them into men that changed the world;

 - He was able to find what people have best and use it for good;

 - He pulled the best of the people and made them believe they could be even better

 - He made everyone feel important and appreciated

 - He made his employees dream again, in a place with no hope, or conditions, he did it like no one did before
- He convinced his employees that they, together could change the world;

The most searched name on internet wordwidely – Jesus Christ.

Now, we might fall and fail, however He showed us that we must believe more in ourselves, believe more in our country, believe in your work, in our company, believe in our team and believe in God. Cause when you believe in God you can fall a million times that God will pick you up a million and one times.

Cause it doesn’t matter to him how many times you fall, but matters how many times you are willing to get back up.


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