Better or bitter ?

13 de ago de 2012

As I sit here at my desk, on my birthday the only think it goes through my mind truly is "how the heck did I ended up here"?
Wow, it's amazing to see how God worked in my life. The past two years I went through an extremely painful breakup, but that relationship and the pain after, really prepared my heart to be a better woman. The Lord taught me so much through being in a relationship, but even more through the pain of heartbreak. I had always thought that you wait to date until you're ready for marriage, and then you find a guy, date, get married, and then live happily ever after. Sometimes that is the case for people. But not me.

 The Lord showed me that He was writing a love story for me that was so much more beautiful than I could ever write for myself. The Lord brought me to a place that I could truthfully say that I was satisfied with Him alone. And when I least expected it He puts a special person in my life. 

I read something today that made me realize that relationships are wonderful and beautiful, but they are also messy because we're messy people who live in a fallen world.
There will be conflict. But it's how you deal with the conflict. How do you respond? Do those moments make you better, or bitter? Will you faithfully love that person and give up yourself for them, or will you run away?


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